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Petros is a Greek-Cypriot boy who moved to the UK over a decade ago to see if a Salford postcode and a University degree would turn every he touched to gold. 


It didn't.


But it did give him a solid BA degree in Graphic Design and years of experience working with agencies and clients across a range of industries including publishing, fashion, hospitality, wellness and luxury. With a focus on branding and UI / Web, he strives to create usable and polished products through passionate and deliberate design.


Logo Design / Custom Logotype
Illustration / Character Design

Branding / Visual Identity

Editorial Design / Books / Magazines
Packaging Design / Graphic Design
Corporate Extravaganza / Invites
Website Design / UI

App Design / UI

Work Experience

Amaven / Lead Creative

Livelink New Media / Lead Creative

Trevaskis Coms / Graphic Designer

Blue Sky Inc / Graphic Designer



Amateur pottery

Plant propagation

Staring at dogs

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